• Workplace wellness programs and initiatives to promote employee health have become increasingly popular over the last couple of years. However, Covid-19 has radically accelerated all corporate efforts
  • Self Care Tips for New Mums

    17 Jun 2020 Rebecca Saunders, Founder of Seekology
    Rebecca Saunders is the Founder of Seekology, the destination for independent beauty + wellbeing brands. She launched Seekology with a store in Richmond in 2019 and has featured over 70 brands so far;
  • Recipe: Sunny Days Cocktail

    13 Jun 2020 Camille Vidal, Founder of La Maison Wellness
    Sunshine in a glass! This low ABV Gin cocktail is perfect for healthy hedonist celebrations or when you need a little light!
  • Stretching the City – Wellbeing and Working from home

    21 May 2020 Katy and Sally from Stretching the City
    Rituals and Routine are key. Katy: In our ‘Wellbeing + Working from Home’ webinar, one attendee shared that every morning she started work at her desk, with a coffee, in her KeepCup mug, just like she ...
  • “We know that incorporating physical activity into our lives isn’t always that straightforward, especially during this unique time. RED Together is here to provide practical ways to start, rekindle or ...
  • Walking our way to wellbeing

    21 May 2020 Laura Heather, Live Well Brand Manager
    Benefits of a more mindful walk: Human connection – we may still be able to see our friends and family via zoom, teams, WhatsApp and all manner of digital channels, but it’s no replacement for seeing ...
  • Mental wellbeing during a life in lockdown

    21 May 2020 A Friend of Live Well Events
    A friend of Live Well events recently shared with us her story of life during lockdown and the effects it has had on her mental wellbeing. Here she tells us more about her experience and shares a few
  • Posture correction…Yes! We know it's not easy….

    09 Apr 2020 Wesley Marshall – Physiotherapist and inventor of necksaviour
    Identifying all the causes for you There’s so many possible causes and many that are hard to change. We often spend a great deal of time doing them, for example working and commuting, dealing with kid ...
  • Keeping Fit There are tons of amazing trainers out there offering free online classes that you can do right from your living room. Expect to work up a sweat! Some of our faves are: Sophie Grace Holmes ...
  • Wellness Trends for 2020

    08 Apr 2020 Pratik Vyas, Household
    Everyday Wellness The concept of ‘wellness’ has evolved beyond a one-dimensional experience. Customers want brands to understand that their wellness needs are multi-faceted and extend beyond physical ...
  • During these difficult times, we must remember that it is not only businesses and governments who are undergoing great uncertainty and pressure, but also, individuals and families, who need and expect ...
  • Coronavirus and Managing your Mind

    25 Mar 2020 Toby Clyde-Smith, The Positive Group
    At Positive, we have been exploring how we should approach the challenge of coronavirus, and the anxieties it may prompt in ourselves.  Anxiety The threat of a new virus is highly efficient at creatin ...



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