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  • Writing for your Mental Health

    03 Mar 2022 Chloe Higgins
    For me, writing & editing—both fiction and memoir—are forms of trigger work (processing unresolved events that cause a strong emotional reaction in your body). While memoirists must claim their trigge ...
  • As restrictions come to an end in the UK, the Live Well Team pick their top 5 studios offering both online and in-person training!
  • Live Vagus

    25 Jun 2021 Sensate
    The team behind wellbeing tech, Sensate, educate us on the Vagus nerve, what it is, how it works and how it helps us to rest, digest and relax.
  • My IBS Journey: A Personal Experience

    29 May 2021 Katrina Lander @fitnessfodmap_
    Katrina Lander, @fitnessfodmap_, shares her journey of living with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).
  • World Book Night - Live Well's Reading List

    23 Apr 2021 The Live Well Team
    We round up some of the latest and greatest wellbeing-based reads, designed to help you live a healthier, happier and more positive life to celebrate this year's World Book Night.
  • We share four fun ways you can enjoy being outdoors and with nature this weekend.
  • 6 Ways to Move Through Stress & Avoid Burnout

    14 Apr 2021 Ellie Jade: Psychological Wellbeing Coach
    Transformational coach, mental health advocate, and Live Well Champion, Ellie Jade, shares her 6 top tips for dealing with stress and avoiding burnout.
  • Keeping your skin healthy during exercise

    27 Mar 2021 Gia Mills, Founder of Skin In Motion
    Gia Mills, founder of Skin In Motion and Celebrity Make-up artist, shares her top tips for keeping your skin healthy and glowing during exercise.
  • Fatty's Taste of Summer

    27 Mar 2021 Fatty's Organic Spirits
    The taste of Summer in a glass! Whip up this delicious gin-based cocktail, using Fatty's Organic Dry Gin, for the ultimate sunny day drink.
  • Our Favourite Sleep Treats

    20 Mar 2021 The Live Well Team
    Sleep! None of us can do without it, so how come so many of us are struggling to get a good nights sleep right now?
  • Fatty's Bloody Mary 🍅

    18 Mar 2021 Fatty's Organic Spirits
    The ultimate Sunday brunch tipple! This easy Bloody Mary recipe uses Fatty's Organic Vodka for an artisan take on a classic cocktail.
  • 3 quick tips to boost well-being during a time of excessive digital and screen exposure

    11 Mar 2021 Niraj Shah, Digital well-being speaker and repeat entrepreneur
    Niraj Shah shares three simple strategies to quickly boost your wellbeing and reduce screen fatigue during this time of higher than normal screen time and technology usage.

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