15 Jun 2019

A Powerful Meditation for a High-Octane Life

Selma Studer
A Powerful Meditation for a High-Octane Life

In the past 24 hours, have you spent any time away from your smartphone? I mean really away – out of sight, out of mind, nowhere to be seen or heard.

Most of us keep our smartphones at our sides 24/7 – they’re the first thing we pick up in the morning and the last thing we put down. They’re a welcome distraction sitting on our desks during the work day. They’re our best friend on the tube or as we plough through the busy streets of London, providing a constant stream of stimulation – and stress. 

It’s unrealistic to expect any of us to change our relationship with our smartphones. But we can build up our mental fitness to be more resilient in the face of the stress that our digital devices and ever accelerating world induce.

Inherently, we all know what’s good for us and what we should do to cope. Perhaps you’ve downloaded a meditation app or maybe tried CBD oil.  But it’s much easier to go grab a pint in the pub than to sit and meditate for a moment. The absence of stimulation – and being left alone with your thoughts – can be really uncomfortable.

Is there a way to give ourselves what we want and what we actually need?

We’ve been conditioned to expect constant stimulation, but an “always on” high-octane approach to life is not sustainable.  The most powerful antidote would surely be a silent meditation retreat, but going from 60 to zero could feel like whiplash for many of us, and few can devote time for that. Instead, we can try to find a stimulating mental break that fits into our everyday lives. What could that be?

Introducing: sound baths. It’s an immersive experience that helps to induce relaxation as well as a meditative state.

Despite the name, it has nothing to do with bathtubs yet everything to do with relaxation. It’s a chance to “bathe in sound” as soundwaves wash over you and through you. It has a cleansing and healing effect on the body and mind.  

One of the most powerful types of sound baths is with the gong, an ancient percussion instrument that produces surprisingly pleasant sounds and strong vibrations.

The soundwaves from the gong have a direct effect on your brainwave activity and can help you downshift to the theta brainwave state, which is associated with meditation. The vibrations also stimulate your nervous system and everything you have going on inside you, giving you a tingly sensation all over and promoting a deep sense of relaxation.

In short, it’s meditation and relaxation disguised as stimulation – the perfect antidote to the accumulation of stress in a busy mind.

The best part is that there is nothing you need to do for this relaxation to happen. No need to change your clothes, work up a sweat, have any prior experience with meditation, or have your smartphone nearby. All you need to do is dedicate this time truly to yourself by focusing on the sound of the gong, and that will guide you into a deep restorative state.

That one hour will pay you back in dividends and leave you feeling much less stressed and better able to keep up, to perform, and to do more.

If you’d like to experience how a gong bath can help you quiet your mind and deal with stress, visit the GONG studio in Farringdon. We offer multiple sound immersions with the gong every day so you can get a mental boost and practice meditation whenever you need it most.

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