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27 Mar 2021

Fatty's Taste of Summer

Fatty's Taste of Summer
The taste of Summer in a glass! Whip up this delicious gin-based cocktail, using Fatty's Organic Dry Gin, for the ultimate sunny day drink - perfect for BBQ's or just enjoyed while soaking up some rays in the garden. 


~  50ml Fatty's Organic Dry Gin (can be purchased here.)
~  Strawberries 🍓
~  15ml Dry Vermouth
~  Brown sugar
~  Handful of Mint 🌿
~  Soda


  • Pop the strawberries and sugar in a mortar and crush (we recommend one teaspoon of sugar per serving).
  • Add the dry vermouth and strawberry mix to a glass and mix.
  • Add ice, Fatty's Organic Dry Gin some extra chopped strawberries and some mint. Give it a mix to make sure all the ingredients are combined.
  • Top with soda and garnish with slices of strawberry and cucumber.


Fatty's Organic Spirits are 100% organic, sustainable, vegan friendly, award winning, artisan spirits and have been meticulously crafted to be a fabulous addition to the organic lifestyle and a real treat for the artisan spirits drinker.⁠

Find out more about them here:

Follow them on Instagram: @fattysorganicspirits

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