12 Feb 2020

How to Ensure You're Getting the Best Out of a Wellness Festival

Sarah Greenidge, Founder of the WellSpoken Mark
How to Ensure You're Getting the Best Out of a Wellness Festival

Sarah Greenidge is the founder of WellSpoken, which is an international certification for brands who are committed to providing trustworthy wellness and wellbeing information to the public. Here she outlines how to get the very best out of attending any wellness festival!

Wellness festivals have become central hubs for many of us to see the latest fitness trends, find the latest innovative brands and hear from inspirational speakers all geared to help us live well. However walking into a wellness festival can be a little overwhelming, so to get the best out of your experience here are 5 top tips to bear in mind when attending any wellness events?

  • If you see any exhibitors making health claims about products or services being made, be sure to ask for the science/data behind those claims.
  • Want to stock up on wellness goodies from exciting new vendors? Great set a budget and commit to stick to it - wellness is 360 and healthy finances are part of it.
  • Remember that some supplements and foods can have a direct impact on certain medications - do not be shy to ask brands questions to ensure whatever you take is right for you.
  • Events like these can be super inspirational. However always remember to always consult your doctor before making any radical lifestyle or diet changes to make sure they are right for you.
  • If you take any classes or sessions that require physical activity be sure to share any injuries/conditions no matter how small - good instructors/teachers will give you modifications to ensure you stay safe and have fun!

We are excited to see you at Live Well 2020. Join Sarah who will be hosting 2 sessions at the festival, one on Friday 28 Feb talking about 'How to be a Credible Business in  Wellbeing', and the other on Sunday 1 Mar discussing 'Fact or Fiction: What to Believe When it Comes to your Wellbeing?'.

About the Author

Sarah Greenidge is the founder of WellSpoken and the Register of Health & Wellness Influencers, which have been founded to regulate the content of wellness industry and create a more credible industry by doing so. 

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