08 Apr 2020

Living Well During the Coronavirus Outbreak

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Living Well During the Coronavirus Outbreak
It has been amazing over the last month or so watching the wellbeing community pull together to share knowledge, skills, and training to help each other come through these tough times. Now, more than ever, it is important to be looking after your emotional and physical wellbeing and we've sourced some of the best ways to do so in our feature blog this month. 

Keeping Fit

There are tons of amazing trainers out there offering free online classes that you can do right from your living room. Expect to work up a sweat! Some of our faves are:

  • Sophie Grace Holmes - in on Instagram live 2x a day and if you can't make the live sessions then you can find them all on her YouTube channel. Catch up with all of Sophie's workouts here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClUG8Ws2P0xEzD6awjTBPQw
  • Sarah Gorman - Again sharing daily routines. Catch up with this week's dance party routine (in 4 parts) ready for one huge online dance party on Friday 17th April. https://www.instagram.com/sarahblendfit/
  • Dame Kelly Holmes is putting you to the test with daily routines focusing on abs and core strengthening. And if you loved her Military in Motion Dance Fit session at Live Well London (or wished you were there) then you can experience it all over again this Friday on her channels. Find out more and get involved: https://www.instagram.com/damekellyholmes/ 
  • And who could miss The Body Coach and his 9am PE classes designed to get you and your little ones moving! A lot of the Live Well team have been tuning in to keep the kids (and themselves) active. Catch Joe each morning live from YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/thebodycoach1


Breathe In, Bliss Out

With many of us facing feelings of anxiousness, stress and worry taking some time to sit back and breathe is extremely important for your mental wellbeing. Some of the top ways of doing this include:

  • Join the breathe guru, Richie Bostock, for a guided breathework session to help reach maximum levels of bliss. Richie has just launched his Flourish app where you can stream lots of different classes. Check out his Instagram for more https://www.instagram.com/thebreathguy/
  • Relax with Gong! One of our most popular sessions at Live Well London, you can now bathe in the sound of the gongs every Wednesday on Instagram with our friends at Gong Stories. https://www.instagram.com/gongstories/
  • Fancy some mindful movement? Check out Richie Norton, and his incredible yoga and movement classes. We're loving his Feel Good series on FIIT at the moment - literally the best way to start the day! But if you're not on FIIT then still check out his wonderfully positive and inspiring content over on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/richienorton_/?hl=en

Other Top Tips from the Live Well team

  • If you are able to then try and get out for a run/walk around the local area. It can help to keep the mind clear and focused. But remember to be mindful and responsible while out and keep 2m away from others!
  • Dancing! Our team have been loving sticking on the tunes and dancing around the kitchen, seriously busting some moves. A great, FUN way to release some energy and boost that mood.
  • Getting creative. We're still loving creating exciting content to share with you all but other ways we've been getting creative include colouring, decorating, scrap-booking, and even a little bit of cocktail making!
  • Keeping in touch with friends and family. Regular video chats have been keeping us happy, connected and social! Try a little Friday night quiz with friends, or after work drinks with colleagues. 
  • And finally, remember to be kind to yourself! If you wake up full of beans and smash out a run, workout and a loaf of banana bread all in one day then that's fab, but remember it's also perfectly OK to lie on the sofa, watching Bridget Jones and eating your Easter eggs early... these are strange times we are in and emotions are bound to be all over the place. So take it easy and do whatever makes YOU feel good. 

We love to see what you are up to and how you are keeping your mind and body healthy so keep interacting with us over on our Instagram and Facebook communities @LiveWellEvents 

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