12 Feb 2020

Recipe: Live Well Mindful Cocktail

Camille Vidal, Founder of La Maison Wellness
Recipe: Live Well Mindful Cocktail
Live well with this refreshing, mindful, and non-alcoholic cocktail from La Maison Wellness that will bring a summer breeze to your winter days. Check out the video below where La Maison Wellness founder, Camille Vidal, demonstrates how to make this delicious drink!




IngredientsLive Well Cocktail

- 50ml Sea Arch

- 20ml Fresh Cucumber Syrup

- 20ml Coconut Water

- 20ml Fresh Lemon Juice

- 2 Fresh Basil Leaves

- Top Up No.1 Living Lemonade Kombucha






Lemon & Fresh Basil


How to Make

Put all of the ingredients in your shaker with ice except for the Kombucha and shake quickly. Pour into a highball and top up with No.1 Living Lemonade Kombucha.

Home-made Ingredient - Cucumber Syrup

  1. Juice cucumber to obtain 1/2 cup of cucumber juice. If you don't have a juicer you can blend it in a blender and strain to remove the pulp. Tip: keep the skin on for a greener colour.
  2. Combine 1/2 cup stevia sugar with 1/2 cup water & stir on low heat until the sugar dissolves. 
  3. Mix the cucumber juice with the syrup.
  4. Let it cool, then store it in the fridge (it will keep a week)

La Maison 2

Notes & Favourite Flavours

Sea Arch is a non-alcoholic alternative bursting with seaside botanicals and as uplifting as a walk on the beach, Sea Arch is a delicious and refreshing alternative to alcohol. 

No.1 Living Lemonade Kombucha refreshing and delicious with a touch of citrus notes. 


About the Author

Camille Vidal, the founder of the mindful drinking brand and creative consultancy La Maison Wellness, has spent her career as a consultant and global brand ambassador most notably for St-Germain and the Bacardi family of brands. She is internationally recognized as a leading voice in the drinks industry and now combines her craft and expertise into the low/no ABV category. Vidal, and La Maison Wellness, are now focused on their own mindful mission to guide brands and organization to drink well and elevate wellbeing and mindfulness in hospitality and wellness.

Find out more about La Maison Wellness at their website lamaisonwellness.com and their YouTube Channel 'La Maison Wellness'

Follow Camille Vidal on Instagram @madame_cami_vidal  and La Maison Wellness @lamaisonwellness 

La Maison Wellness and their founder Camille Vidal, will be at Live Well London hosting cocktail making masterclasses, where you can practice making the Live Well Mindful Cocktail. The sessions, led by Camille, will run 3 times a day across the 3 days of the festival. Camille will also be hosting 'Flow Like a Healthy Hedonist' in the Vibe & Flow yoga studio on Friday 28 Feb at 12pm. Find out more about these exciting experiences here.

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