16 Jan 2020

Setting Your 2020 Fitness Goals

Sophie Grace Holmes, Personal Trainer, Public Speaker, Extreme Athlete and Adventurer
Setting Your 2020 Fitness Goals

When it comes to new fitness goals, there's nothing worse than setting your sights sky high and then giving up after just a few weeks disillusioned, exhausted and lacking in motivation. Take some simple top tips from Sophie Grace Holmes on the best way to set new long term fitness goals that will help you find your next passion!


  • Pick a type of fitness that you enjoy before starting out – it doesn’t have to be the gym, it could be boxing, getting out on the water and swimming, cycling -  it’ll make all the difference. If it's something you love


  • Enjoy the journey along the way, you’ll look forward to it more and it will make all the difference as you build up to achieving your goal


  • Be realistic and set sustainable goals and targets, one small run is a great first step towards a 10K goal


  • Keep things achievable on your route to your bigger challenge, whether its an ultra, adventure, race, or just getting more physical.


  • Choose a challenge that you can’t achieve …. just yet!  You’ll be able to do more than you think you can if you push yourself out of your comfort zone.


  • And finally, a scary goal will help you find your true fitness passion! Go for it!


Enjoy setting your goals and finding your fitness passion for 2020!



Follow Sophie on Instagram @sophiegraceholmes and catch her in our Knowledge Hub on Sunday 1 March 2020 at Live Well London, where she will join a panel on how to "Be empowered to be the most authentic version of you"

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