21 May 2020

Walking our way to wellbeing

Laura Heather, Live Well Brand Manager
Walking our way to wellbeing

As the lockdown situation continues, never has getting outside and putting one foot in front of the other been so important.  The steady rhythm of ploughing forward, either to tune out of a busy mind or to tune in to the amazing new clarity of birdsong – walking has multiple benefits for both the mind and body.  And as our exercise time outside is now extended, there’s even more chance to explore new routes during our time outside and mix things up.

Benefits of a more mindful walk:

Human connection – we may still be able to see our friends and family via zoom, teams, WhatsApp and all manner of digital channels, but it’s no replacement for seeing people in real life.  Human connections bring feelings of joy, warmth and vitality, and there is nothing better than saying a cheery hello and giving a morning wave (obviously from 2m when you pass in the street!) when you’re out on your daily walk.  Give your hellos freely – and you’ll be rewarded with an array of smiles that can brighten your day. 

Back to nature come rain or shine – we all love a walk in the spring sunshine, feeling the warmth on our faces, and breathing in the fresh air.  But when the weather turns, are you still going out?  Pounding the pavements in the wet can actually be pretty life affirming.  The rain on your face, damp air and likely the streets more to your self.  The sound of raindrops can be comforting and enveloping, giving time for contemplation and clearing our thoughts.  Keep getting out – rain or shine!

Breath in, breath out – we’re in our homes 24/7, and with TV, computers, cooking, heating, the usual dust, it’s got to be said that the air isn’t going to be the freshest!  Aside from getting more house plants to help clean your indoor air, it’s so important to get out for a walk for your daily dose of fresh air.  It wakes us up, clears the head, and practicing some deep breaths or breathwork  techniques can really help boost our mood during our time outside. 

New horizons – The daily commute, morning rush, head down, all in a rush.  We’re used to ploughing on with our head down.  Places to go, people to see. But in our new routines, we have a little bit more time during our time outside to actually lift our heads and enjoy the journey of our walks.  Look around you, see new sights, discover new buildings and landmarks, details, woods, the brilliant blue sky.  Drink it all in and marvel at what’s around you, it will inspire your day!

Mix it up – new day, same circuit?  We’re now allowed out more than once a day for exercise, so why not take the opportunity to start mixing things up?  Wherever we live, there is so much to explore, and mixing things up will keep things fresh and ward off feelings of repetitive boring routines.  Research local walks, city trails, try websites such as https://www.walkingbritain.co.uk/ to find somewhere near you, turn your walk into a scavenger hunt, or set yourself a walking challenge each day.

Hopefully this provides some new inspiration for your daily walk and to keep getting out there and enjoying the benefits of movement and fresh air for both your physical and emotional wellbeing – whatever the weather!  If you fancy sharing any pics from your walk, or your own tips do share with us at @livewellevents #wellbeingwalk

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