16 Jan 2020

Winter-proof your skin

Written by Fresh Skincare
Winter-proof your skin

Fresh Skincare bring you their top tips on getting your skin looking it's best in the winter months!

How to prep your skin for the change in season

With winter well and truly upon us it’s no wonder we’re ready for a change in routine. From the shorter days, colder nights, and drawn out light-less mornings, everything about the change in season leaves us craving some much-needed TLC. Whilst most think layering up with an extra layer of moisturiser will do the trick – no, skincare doesn’t work like clothing unfortunately – there are some sure-fire ways to save your skin from the harsher winter months and get you feeling and looking back to your best.


 Mix it up with a mask

Although at fresh every day is a masking day and every mood has a mask, there’s no better time than to deep dive into your masking wardrobe than in winter. Packed full of ultra-nourishing ingredients and frostbite-defying benefits (we’re talking dry skin, dehydration and redness, not frozen skin, blistering and numbness!), masks are an easy way to deliver an extra level of care to your skin whilst also improving much needed environmental protection and resilience.

If you’re after next-level nourishment, choose a mask that provides intense hydration and cocoons your skin in a moisture-prevailing veil. Mimicking the effects of a blanket, these masks are the kind you leave on (in most cases overnight) and are allowed to really absorb and sink into the deeper layers of the skin.


Make rose your ingredient of choice

Known for its soothing, toning and hydrating properties, rose does it all when it comes to targeting the harsh effects of winter. From the balancing, cooling and astringent properties found in rosewater, to the way damaskan rose extract helps to lock in and retain moisture, this wonder ingredient not only looks and smells divine, but is surprisingly effective too.

For prep choose an alcohol-free rose toner as this will pack an un-paralleled amount of rose power. Ideal for deep hydration and clearing the skin of leftover impurities, rose toners leave the skin silky soft and perfectly prepped for next steps.

When it comes to moisturiser, those powered by rose quench and soothe dry skin whilst also leaving a beautiful healthy glow.


Refine & Polish

Whilst summer is when you’ll find most of us reaching for a scrub, winter is actually the perfect time to exfoliate dry and dehydrated skin. Whether it’s your body, face, or lips, exfoliants buff away rough patches to reveal smooth, radiant skin when your skin is craving it most.

Looking for an exfoliator that isn’t harsh or drying? Sugar exfoliants are made with sugar crystals that gently buff and refine, leaving your skin velvety soft and smooth long after you wash them off. Often combined with nourishing butters and oils, these scrubs both refine as well as nourish and are ideal for those who want to try to make their own at home.


Winter Lip Fix

It’s not just your skin that requires TLC over winter, your lips deserve some attention too. Often neglected and left to simply power through, lips take it hardest in the colder months as they don’t have oil glands and are always subject to the elements.

For state-of-the-art lip repair, nothing - and we mean nothing - beats a good lip balm. Ideal for those who want to instantly replenish lips, hydrate, and volumize for a visibly fuller, healthier look, good quality lip balms sink in to remove flakiness and improve definition.

Fancy something with a slight tint? Try a balm with a tint or simply apply your favourite lip products on top.


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