• Reconnect With Your Career: Reconnect With Your Life

    11 Sep 2019 Sophie Clyde-Smith, Founder of ​The Modern Career Coach
    5 tips to help you build a career in which you can thrive... a career in which you come alive
  • How to Arrange a Seasonal Bouquet of Blooms

    10 Sep 2019 Freddie's Flowers
    As the nights draw in, brighten your home and your mood with a colourful bunch of new season blooms!
  • The Top 5 Myths in Meditation

    09 Sep 2019 Niraj Shah, Co-Founder of Mind: Unlocked
    It’s our mission to make evidence-based, practical mental well-being tools like meditation accessible and easier to integrate into our modern lifestyles.
  • Kimberley Wilson, Charted Psychologist and Live Well London Ambassador discusses her Guide to Managing Anxiety
  • Recipe Post: Mediterranean Lentils

    23 Aug 2019 Nicole Windas
    Low in fat, this is an ideal dish filled with plenty of nutrients for those who are wanting to feel satisfied and enjoy a delicious meal!
  • Gut Started with our Gut Tips

    13 Aug 2019 The Gut Stuff
    Look everyone's guts are UNIQUE, but there are some broad stroke steps everyone can incorporate and most of them are FREE….
  • Join Faye Edwards, founder of F.I.T Jam Dance Movement, for a fun confidence-boosting, high energy dance fitness concept where you will learn an easy to follow routine!
  • Every year, thousands of festival goers haul their rucksacks to a huge field for a weekend of mixed cocktails, good music and late-night dancing – and this year I’m one of them!
  • Sophrology: Meet Meditation’s Dynamic Sibling

    11 Jul 2019 Dominique Antiglio, Sophrologist, author and founder of BeSophro
    Sophrology is a form of dynamic meditation which has been proven to be a deeply healing state, to calm the mind, relax the body and retrain the brain to better deal with stress, anxiety and tension.
  • Our Top Brunch Spots in London

    09 Jul 2019 London Brunchfest
    With pancakes, waffles and decadent dishes on menus across the capital, it can sometimes be hard to find a healthy brunch option that’s both filling and delicious...
  • These gluten free falafels are the latest creation from Healthy Living James – a food blogger who specialises in creating healthy and quick gluten, wheat, dairy, egg and refined sugar free recipes!
  • To get motivated to be more active this summer, we have put together a list of fun, free workout activities that you can do whilst getting to enjoy the outdoors.



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