• Lifting weights is SO IMPORTANT. Lifting burns a helluva lot more calories than cardio and you end up with a peachy bum and sculpted arms as a lovely bonus. So, if it's just getting into the room that ...
  • When it comes to the war on plastic, small changes can make a big difference, but I think we need to do more than change our habits, we also need to change our mindset. Here a few things that we can d ...
  • Outsmart your Sweet Tooth

    24 Jul 2018 Tara Adlestone, MISSFITS Nutrition
    We’ve got you. Say goodbye to refined sugars, causing your blood sugar levels to go crazy, and instead indulge in a healthier food group that curbs those urges. Our solution? Protein. Protein is one o ...
  • Are you Getting Enough Protein?

    20 Jun 2018 Tara Adlestone, MISSFITS Nutrition
    So how much protein should you be consuming? The general consensus is 1g protein per 1kg body weight per day. So if you weigh 60kg, you should be aiming to intake 60g protein

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