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Flokk Wellbeing Series

We loved working with Flokk to put on the Wellbeing Series, where sustainable design came together with health and wellbeing. 

The ‘Flokk Wellbeing Series’ of workshops across the three days offered helpful advice from experts in managing anxiety, improving sleep, breathwork and seated yoga. Check out below what happened over Clerkenwell Design Week.


The Schedule



In your fast-paced, high pressure life, stress can take form in your body causing tension and dis-ease.  If you find yourself unable to sleep, having trouble with digestion or heightened anxiety, you may be experiencing dysfunctional breathing.

Experience 45 minutes of breathing techniques you can use to relieve anxiety, lethargy and stress.   Breathwork coach Aicha Mckenzie, a former British champion gymnast, dancer and choreographer, and CEO of the AMCK Group (@amckmodels @amckdance and @amckfit), will lead you through a multi-sensory practice.  The class will help you to establish breath as part of your daily routine, and gain clarity and control of your life. This class will be suitable for all levels, so whether or not you have done any breathwork before, come and take this moment for yourself!


Improve Sleep & Combat Stress with Natalie Pennicotte-Collier

One of the leading lights in the sleep & wellbeing world, Natalie is a passionate sleep evangelist, highly focused on helping humans into their full potential. Natalie works with elite athletes including members of Team GB and Snowsport England.


Seated Yoga, Pilates and Meditation with Mariel Whitmond.

A certified yoga instructor, Mariel will lead a session in seated yoga, pilates and meditation techniques that can be used in the workplace by everybody, helping people stay energised and calm at work.

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