We’re all starting to understand the importance of balancing our emotional and physical wellbeing – but have you thought about your financial wellbeing lately?

We know it’s often difficult to talk about money, particularly with those closest to you, so why not join us on Sunday November the 29th and let us help you to get the conversation started.  We’ll explore the impact of finances on your wellbeing, how to improve your relationship with money as an act of self-care, tips on how to take the stress off your finances (and your wellbeing) for Christmas and explore different approaches for managing your money that could work for you!  

Money matters can have a significant impact on our stress levels, sleep, diet, relationships and overall wellbeing, especially in the current climate of uncertainty and change, so take some time to prioritise your finances as we approach Christmas and a new year.

We promise a jargon free morning of fun, friendly and accessible, expert-led chat that will help you flex your financial muscles towards taking a healthier, happier approach to both money and your wellbeing.


Event Schedule

Lisa Conway-Hughes

10:00 - 11:00

Money Mindset and Financial Wellbeing

With Lisa Conway-Hughes, Chartered Financial Advisor, Author of 'Money Lessons' and Podcast Co-Host 'She's on the Money' @misslollymoney

Simple Tips and Tricks You Need To Know To Feel In Control of your Finances 

  • Money mindset and efficient financial goal setting
  • How to automate your money so you can’t help but be great with money
  • The difference between saving & investing and which to do when
  • How to be tax efficient and to plan your retirement so that you decide when you retire
Clare Seal

11:20 - 12:00

4 Pillars of Financial Wellbeing Workshop

With Clare Seal, @myfrugalyear, Author of 'Real Life Money: An Honest Guide To Taking Control Of Your Finances' and 'The Real Life Money Journal' 

Join author and and founder of The Financial Wellbeing Forum Clare Seal to explore the four key elements of financial wellbeing, discussed in an honest, judgement-free and emotionally intelligent way. Clare's personal experience of overcoming financial difficulty allows her a unique insight into how we can change our mindset and behaviour to foster a better relationship with money. 

Richie Bostock

12:20 - 13:00

Breathing your Way Through Uncertain Times

With Richie Bostock @thebreathguy and Author of 'Exhale'

In a time where levels of sustained stress are at their highest, changing the way we breathe is the fastest way to regain control over a frazzled nervous system.

In this session, Richie will give you some quick tips on how to use your breath with purpose, and then lead you through an immersive Breathwork journey that will leave you floating on air!

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