A one-day festival of whole health

Join us for a fun, educational, and experiential day out where you’ll get the chance to try out the Hydrow, a state-of-the-art rowing machine built to work out the body and relax the mind. Row the beautiful waterways from around the world and immerse yourself in a day of wellbeing experiences and talks. Book your tickets now and you’ll be in with a chance to win a Hydrow of your own*.


About Hydrow

About Hydrow

Hydrow is a state-of-the-art rowing machine that brings the on-water, outdoor experience of rowing directly to your home. Work 86% of the body’s major muscle groups with challenging workouts that are high-energy and low-impact.

Hydrow workouts are filmed live, outdoors, on stunning waterways around the world - from the Thames to the Charles to Lake Lucerne. Led by world-class Athletes, each workout features expert guidance and unmatched motivation. One Hydrow Membership comes with unlimited profiles for the whole family, so you'll all have access to live and on-demand workouts including rowing, Pilates, yoga, strength, conditioning, and more.

Discover more about Hydrow here.

Row the Waterways of the World

Experience Hydrow rowers in immersive scheduled sessions throughout the day. Hydrow rowers provide an unrivalled at-home connected fitness offering - combining full-body rowing workouts with a unique immersive Live Outdoor Reality™ sensory on-screen experience. 

Take yourself out of a dreary British day, to row beautiful waterways around the world.  Whether you want a high energy hiit session or a more relaxing, meditative, stress relieving row, these sessions are a must try experience for those attending the event.

Mini Post-Row Facials with Skin-in-motion

Treat yourself to a Skin In Motion mini make-over before you get on your rower and post-row mini facials!  The Skin In Motion beauty clinic showcases its signature sweatproof, breathable, exercise-proof makeup and sweat-removing, hydrating skincare in person. Join them for a mini make-over or facial throughout the day! 

Founded by Gia Mills, a London-based celebrity make-up artist and lover of fitness, Gia wanted to allow everyone to look and feel their best no matter what's going on, and this is your chance to give it a try!

Formulated alongside award-winning cosmetic chemists and trialled on athletes in the most intensive workouts, Skin in Motion guarantees sweatproof formulas that stay put all day. Come and put it to the test!

Power Plate Recovery Station

Discover a revolutionary way to recover at the Power Plate Recovery Station. Get the chance to experience Power Plates four targeted vibration products and leave with your whole body feeling restored, refreshed, and ready to explore more of the event.  The portable massage products:-

  • Helps relax and rejuvenate tight and sore muscles
  • Enhances range of motion
  • Promotes blood flow and fascia release
  • Reduces pain
  • Accelerates exercise warm up and recovery
  • Increases flexibility

Conveniently located by the ‘Row the waterways’ experience, attendees can feel the difference when they stop by the Power Plate Recovery Station after their rowing workout (or to recover from the day’s wear and tear). Using one of the TVPs post-activity alleviates muscle soreness, relieves muscle tension, and increases circulation to help your body recover faster than ever. There will also be the option to try on of the plates for a full whole body vibration experience.

Inspirational Talks

Join us for a packed schedule of informative, expert-led talks and panel sessions where our amazing line-up of speakers, including Dr. Alex George, will explore a range of topics dedicated to the importance of whole-body health.

From exploring why whole-body health is so important to our overall wellbeing, optimising the power of sleep and exercise for recovery, how to live well every day by looking after both your physical and emotional health, optimizing health through active aging plus the chance to hear inspirational stories from a team of leading athletes…there’s a wealth of inspiration and advice on hand!

Flow with Hydrow

Relax and flow on the mat in timetabled yoga sessions running throughout the day, a perfect complimentary activity to the rowing that will stretch you out, improve strength and lift your mood.

More than a rower, Hydrow offers an entire library of workouts beyond rowing that you can watch on the Hydrow Screen or on your mobile device using the Hydrow app.  This is your chance to give the Hydrow yoga sessions a try on the mat and experience Flow with Hydrow for yourself.


Browse, buy and treat yourself in the shopping village at Live Well X Hydrow from some of the fabulous wellbeing and lifestyle brands joining us.

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Afraid of missing out?

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