A fireside chat with Dr. Alex George and Poorna Bell – how to live well every day

10 Sep 2022
Inspiration Stage

The benefits of movement are well proven when it comes to maintaining a healthy body, but we often need to remind ourselves about the positive impact it has on our emotional wellbeing. JoinAuthor and Journalist Poorna Bell for a fireside chat with Dr Alex George, A&E & TV doctor and Youth Ambassador for Mental Health 10 Downing Street. Alex will share his expertise and personal experience of the power of movement to improve our mood, release stress, raise self-esteem, promote better sleep, and aid mental health concerns - all towards living well every day.

Dr. Alex George, A&E doctor, Love Island star, best-selling author, and Youth Mental Health Ambassador to the government
Poorna Bell, Author, journalist, public speaker, powerlifter

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