Improve sleep, aid recovery and alleviate symptoms of chronic illness through the power of exercise

10 Sep 2022
Inspiration Stage

Join us for an inspirational Q&A interview session dedicated to an evidence-based, mindful approach to sleep health. Two personal stories will be shared around harnessing the power of sleep and exercise for recovery and improved wellbeing.

Renowned contemporary artist, Alex Echo, will share his story of the positive impact of daily exercise on his own terms as someone living with Parkinson's, and how using a Hydrow has helped him to 'row it back' by alleviating physical symptoms, depression, and improving his sleep and overall well being.

Natalie Pennicotte-Collier, Global Sleep Expert, is a personal fan of rowing as a low impact, high performance exercise following cervical spine neurosurgery last year. After rowing her way back to mental and physical fitness, Natalie will share her story and expertise on the positive impact exercise can have on recovery and our bodies' performance. 

Natalie Pennicotte-Collier, Global sleep expert, elite sport performance mind coach & speaker, clinical sleep therapist and Oxford OMC mindful practitioner MSC, MBCT
Mike Sawh, Freelance journalist specialising in consumer tech, running and all things fitness tech related

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