Selma Studer

Selma Studer

Selma is a mindfulness practitioner and founder of GONG. Selma first experienced the gong during a yoga retreat in Thailand. The power of the instrument captivated her, but it wasn't until she moved to London and sought refuge from the stress of working city life that she returned to the sacred sound as a healing modality. She has since left her corporate job in marketing and communications to dedicate herself to introducing more people to the amazing therapeutic effects of sound meditation. Through GONG, Selma is bringing the meditative and revitalizing experience of gong baths to individuals and teams all over the world, helping them find more space in their minds, less tension in their bodies, and greater health and balance in their lives overall. GONG facilitates meditation sessions in workplaces, for special events, and in their dedicated Central London studio. You can learn more about GONG and book a session at www.aboutgong.com.



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