First of all, what is mindful drinking?

Being a mindful drinker is about increasing awareness of the effect that alcohol has on us and recognising how we use it to relate to the world around us. You can be a ’never drank much' mindful drinker, an 'actively moderating' mindful drinker, or an 'alcohol-free' mindful drinker or even somewhere in between. It’s totally up to you! The important thing is you are paying attention to what, where, how, why and with whom you drink alcohol.

What you will experience

Club Soda, leaders of the Mindful Drinking Movement, will host our Mindful Drinking Social Space at Live Well London – sharing practical tools and top tips to become a mindful drinker. Here, you will also find La Maison Wellness, the mindful drinking brand and creative consultancy and its Founder, Camille Vidal, who is internationally recognised as a leading voice in the drinks industry and now combining her craft and expertise in the low/no ABV category.

Cocktail making workshops

Every day throughout the festival, visit the Mindful Drinking Social Space where Camille will show you how to create an experience with what you drink. Come and learn how to make the show’s signature Mindful Cocktail at the Cocktail Masterclasses.

Camille will run three masterclasses each day, every day at the following times:

  • 11:00 - 11:30
  • 13:00 - 13:30
  • 15:00 - 15:30

Plus, don't miss Camille’s mindful movement class in the Vibe & Flow yoga studio on Friday 28 February!

Taste tests

When it comes to alcohol, whether you prefer NO to LOW to ALL-GO, sample the latest products on the market from a carefully curated line-up of brands who are all committed to giving you a healthier choice of drink when you are socialising.

Informative talks

Club Soda founder, Laura Willoughby, has joined our line-up of talent along with a panel of expert mindful drinkers to share their wisdom. This talk will take place in our Live Kitchen on Saturday 29 February.

Who you'll find here



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