“Take care of your employees and they will take care of your business” Richard Branson said it best

As companies are charged with prioritising employee wellbeing as much as profit, leading to increasing productivity, happiness and retention, ‘Wellbeing Works’ at Live Well London on Friday 11th June 2021 will be the place to be if you’re looking to integrate wellness into your business.

With conference level-talks and wellness experiences across the day – at ‘Wellbeing Works’ you can learn and experience wellbeing practices for yourself to take back and make a difference for your employees.


Highlights from Wellbeing Works 2020

Business for the Future: Changing Workplace Experiences and Expectations

Business for the Future: Changing Workplace Experiences and Expectations

This session looked at creating workspaces that drive productivity, inspiration and collaboration, incorporating wellbeing into the workplace day-to-day to increase happiness and retention, results from scientific trials of the 4 day working week, and how employees are choosing how, when and where they work.

Sophie Clyde-Smith, Modern Career Coach,  Laila Datoo, A.life.more.mindful  Katrina Larkin, Fora Space  Lucy Donoughue, Happiful

Building Resilience in the 21st Century World

Building Resilience in the 21st Century World

Are you ready to challenge the status quo on how work in the modern world works? Cate Murden, founder of Push, took a brief look at the impact our challenging and ever-changing world is having on our companies.

Cate Murden - Founder, PUSH

The Problem with Perfectionism

The Problem with Perfectionism

This session was designed to draw a distinction between the pursuit of excellence and unhealthy perfectionism and was led by Toby Clyde-Smith BSc, MBPsS, Programme Director, The Positive Group.

Toby Clyde-Smith BSC, MBPsS - Programme Director, The Positive Group

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Wellbeing as a Superpower: Thriving in Uncertain Times

Wellbeing as a Superpower: Thriving in Uncertain Times

Hosted by TLC Lions founder Gian Power, this emotive and powerful session delved into the personal experiences and stories of Dr Kamel Hothi OBE, George Bullard and Victoria Milligan who have collectively had a global impact on workplace wellbeing. The panel shared their own tips for individuals and workplaces alike to thrive in challenging times.

Gian Power - Founder & CEO of TLC Lions & The Unwind Experience, Live Well London Ambassador; Dr Kamel Hothi OBE - Non-Executive Director, TLC Lions; George Bullard, TLC Lions; Victoria Milligan, TLC Lions

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